Teach Kids the Strength in Discipline with Our Jiu Jitsu classes

At Legacy BJJ Academy, we have martial arts classes for kids to give them a head start in Jiu jitsu. A great way to help them keep fit and train their resistance and discipline — skills that will be very beneficial later in life.

Our self-defence classes for kids focuses on techniques with an appropriate amount of contact for their age. Our instructors are experienced in training kids in martial arts, so you have nothing to worry about. There is a lot of grappling and rolling around, but that is what’s great about Jiu Jitsu. Kids have a fun keeping physically fit, while also learning honour, respect and how to defend themselves.

Jiu Jitsu was founded on the idea that someone small can tackle and fight back against an opponent of a bigger build. This program ensures your kids are well equipped to handle life’s challenges.

Benefits Jiu Jitsu Classes Bring to Your Kids

Your child will receive many benefits from enrolling into our self-defence class:

  • They’ll become strong both physically and mentally
  • Teaches them perseverance and fortitude
  • Gives them a great environment to grow and socialise
  • Helps them focus their energy into something productive and challenging
  • Helps them become more confident

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu operates within the natural instincts we have and mostly occurs on the ground. It doesn’t focus on punching and kicking, instead opts to neutralise threats without violence. It is no doubt one of the best martial arts for your kids to practice.

Call Us to Enrol Your Kids in a Martial Arts Class Today!

Sign your kid up for one of Legacy BJJ Academy’s self-defence classes and witness the transformation yourself. Call us on 0481 158 068 and we’ll be happy to take any of your questions. Or pop by our centre in Hornsby and we can give you and your kids a tour and have a chat about our Jiu Jitsu classes.